Exceptional Wireless Broadband

Fast, Easy, Flexible Financing

SWG is pleased to offer wireless broadband financing powered by LEAF, a nationwide leader in business equipment, software and services financing.

LEAF financing isn’t just another way to pay for wireless broadband solutions. It’s a smarter way to acquire the communication technology at the heart of your business. Here’s why:

 100% Financing

LEAF finances your complete wireless broadband solution, including delivery, installation, taxes, software and more. One affordable payment plan covers everything you need to be productive.

 Cash Savings

LEAF frees up cash you can use to grow your business, rather than tying it up in upfront equipment purchases. And with LEAF, there’s no down payment.

 Easy Upgrades

Technology evolves quickly and LEAF makes it simple and affordable to upgrade when new features and capabilities are available. It’s a smart way to stay on the leading edge of productivity and profitability.

 Credit Preservation

LEAF lets you keep existing credit lines free to pursue other opportunities. It also helps you control credit utilization, an important part of your business credit rating.

 Flexible Payments

LEAF payment plans can be structured to handle your unique business cycle. Choose from monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual payments – or talk to a LEAF Account Champion to design your own perfect payment plan.